Stop playing it by ear, trust your dashboard


DPI4U proposes a patent-pending measurement and analysis tool that provides press owners and managers with real-time data, measuring the productivity of their digital presses as they are used on the shop floor. Through simple data collection and instantaneous cloud-based analysis, SpencerMetrics offers an immediate view into the efficiency of digital press operation as it is actually in use.

Main Features

• A tool that intelligently monitors asset utilisation and enables increased productivity
• Collect and analyse real shop floor data, replace guess work and anecdotal production data
• Identify bottlenecks and excessive downtime in the press workflow
• Centralized management tracks any press anywhere in your network with zero IT support
• Compare workflow periods and shifts, individual presses, press groups and benchmarks
• Lean Six Sigma concepts support efficient print operations
• Cloud-based architecture and on-demand analysis – anywhere, anytime
• Intuitive Dashboards with comprehensive graphical display of analyses
• Improve productivity of your most expensive asset – flexible data analysis at your fingertips

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